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The new low-pressure, stainless steel, Alpha Glass Working
Torch. The Alpha is an excellent for both the beginner and
professional glass bead artists. Don't let the size fool you.
Ron teaches boro marble implosion classes with this torch!

Bravo  (With New Base)
A low-pressure, stainless steel Bravo lampworking
torch was designed specifically with the needs of the artistic
flameworker in mind. A dual-purpose torch, it will work easily
with both soft and borosilicate glass. Bethlehem's Bravo is one
of the hottest new torches on the market today! You will find this
one on Ron's bench as his everyday torch!         
$975.00 (Free Shipping)
Champion    (With New Base)
The Champion is Bethlehem's most technologically advanced,
design. Newly engineered for a low-pressure, high heat
performance, the Champion has the most efficient large flame
on the market today.     

$1600.00 (Free Shipping)
Minor Burner
Developed by Peter Norton in the 50's, this solid workhorse
torch made a home lampwork studio an affordable possibilty.
Reliable, virtually indestructible, this torch is in use by the
majority of lampworkers and teaching studios.

Mega Minor Burner
Nortel's newest torch - this torch make more efficient use of
oxygen, making for a hotter flame with the same resources..

HotHead Torch
Uses MAPP gas for a clean and hot flame. MAPP gas can be
found in major retailers such as Walmart, ACE Hardware,
Lowe's and Home Depot.

ArTorch Mini Torch
Made in the USA
The Boro Flameworker's second torch. This is the most
popular torch flameworker's use to fine tune pieces
and weld sections. It comes with 5 tips and hoses as
shown in the picture!
$219.00 ON SALE $169.99
Coming soon!
Mid Range Burner
Nortel's Mid Range torch will produce a flame up to one inch

Red Max Burner
This is a 45-port, round torch, configured as a center ring of 16
ports, surrounded by a ring of 27 ports. Flame width can be up
to 1.25 inches. A top-mounted burner can be added, either a
Minor or a Mega Minor or a Premix* with N11 (11 holes) and N3
Pre Mix (Shown Far Left)               Surface Mix
$475.00                                         $475.00
Red Rocket Burner
Nortel Red Rocket is an excellent value if you are looking for a
about a two inch flame coming from the two row outer fire and
the seven jet minor burner nested inside.
This stainless steel, surface mix torch combines our Alpha,
Bravo and Champion torches into one easy to use Bench
Burner! The three separately controlled stages provide glass
artists with unsurpassed control over flame sizes, heat potential
and fuel mixture, making the Grand torch the most versatile and
fuel efficient glass working torch available today.   

$2800.00 (Free Shipping)
Torch Accessories
For hoses,regulators and other
torch accessories click
Torch Accessories